Friends & Colleagues, 

In the fifteen years since Purrfect Cat Rescue was founded, our volunteers have been responsible for fostering nearly 7000 cats. In that same time, with the help of our partner veterinarians, we assisted the public in spaying and neutering thousands more and have done our best to educate people on TNR, home fostering, and pretty much anything related to pet rearing.

The number of people and organizations who help make those accomplishments possible are too numerous to list, but we have never taken those who make our work possible for granted.  We have been fortunate for our incredibly dedicated foster homes and volunteers, our vets—both the spay and neuter vets who are our backbone and the emergency vets we rush to with sick kittens—and our host pet stores that make us feel welcome despite the chaos our presence sometimes creates. 

We must also give a tip of the hat to the founders of Purrfect Cat themselves who were bold enough to think this small group could create and support the first low-cost spay and neuter program that was open to anyone in the Tri-City area. That fearlessness has served us well and guided our efforts, but it takes a tremendous amount of resolve and strength. 

It is for this reason and others that Purrfect Cat Rescue has decided it is time for us to retire from serving the public and give that time back to our families, ourselves and to each other. However rewarding working in animal welfare is—and believe us, the highpoints make for treasured and proud memories—it's far more physically and emotionally demanding than most people imagine. We are collectively spent, having given as much of ourselves as we reasonably can. 

Purrfect Cat will not be officially closed until the end of 2020 and well will spend the next year tying up loose ends: adopting the cats remaining in our care; closing down the low-cost voucher program*; and doing our best to create a thorough list of organizations and resources to direct people to when we are no longer able to assist them ourselves.  In the meantime, we thank all of our supporters for their significant place in our lives and in our history.


*To those who currently hold some of our low-cost vouchers, they can be used until May 31, 2020 and can be returned to us until May 1, 2020 for a refund. We will need the actual unused voucher in order to refund the purchase cost. 

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