Date of Birth: Spring 2018

Sex: Female

Good With Other Cats: Yes

Good With Dogs: Probably not

Good With Children: Probably not

ABOUT: Mama is between 2 and 3 years old.  She has beautiful blue eyes and the coloring of a cream Burmese. She was rescued from the streets when a good Samaritan took her to a local veterinarian because Mama was having a very difficult time giving birth. She lost three of her kittens and was placed in foster care with the two remaining kittens.



She was a good and protective mother and even nursed two orphaned kittens who were too young to survive on their own. Mama was so fiercely protective of her kittens that she appeared to be feral.  Once her kittens were weaned, her true personality emerged and it was discovered that she was actually tame. She prefers to sleep on the bed with her person. Mama gets along well with other cats and loves to play! Her foster mom believes that Mama has a history of being abused because she is deathly afraid of plastic bags.  She needs to be adopted into a quiet, patient home in order for her to flourish.