Purrfect Cat does not have an office/physical facility and does not maintain a phone line. 
Purrfect Cat Rescue
P.O. Box 7958

Fremont, CA 94539

If you are a past adopter and have kept the adoption contract, the foster home name and contact information is located just below the adoptive cat information.
If you adopted from Purrfect Cat Rescue and can no longer care for your cat(s) (beyond the 30-day adjustment period) there is no guarantee we will be able to help you. Many of our past fosters have moved on to do different things and can no longer bring adoptive cats into their homes, and it has always been our policy that cats returned after a certain time period must go back to their original foster home.

If you have questions on what medical care has been provided to the cat you adopted: All the cats in our care are spayed and neutered, receive two FVRCP vaccinations, are treated with Bravecto or Revolution for fleas, and with Drontal for worms if it is deemed necessary. NO CATS have been vaccinated for FeLV or Rabies unless a foster has specifically told you otherwise. DO NOT contact us asking for proof of rabies or FeLV vaccinations.